New logo!

Today, I’m very excited to finally share with you our new logo for Seeking My Travels! It’s something I’ve been working on for the past month, alongside Kory Miller and his team at Park St. Studio. Once I was able to get my hands on the logo, I couldn’t tell you how excited I was to finally share this news with the rest of you. I loved the final design of the logo and how it all turned out. I believe the logo speaks to what my vision is for this travel page. And that’s being centered towards the outdoor experience and encouraging all of you to see its beauty.

The outdoors is a big part of what we do and is ingrained into our mission. And I felt it was important to reflect that mission onto our logo. I say this a lot, but one of the biggest reasons why I started this travel page was that I wanted to inspire others to venture out beyond the comfort of their homes. And that meant showing the places and activities that I felt were within our grasp. Places that anyone can enjoy and our logo provides just a glimpse.

Of course, Seeking My Travels isn’t only about the outdoor experience. I seek to provide other content like Travel & Leisure, which will be another category I’ll dive into in the near future. But for now, we will focus primarily on content tailored towards the outdoor community.

As I mentioned above, our logo was precisely crafted by the ever talented Kory Miller and his team at Park St. Studio! Park St. Studio specializes in logo design, alongside other services that include brand development, brand strategy, merchandise design, and packaging/labeling. Kory was instrumental in bringing our logo to life and I couldn’t thank him anymore for his delicate work on making this thing happen. Below are just some examples of his work. You can click on his Instagram profile below in case you have any interest in his work.

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One of my favorite throwbacks. #parkststudio

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