“California’s 10 Best Hiking Trails” Article

Hey Everyone!

Thanks again for all your support on my website. I really appreciate it. Just wanted to share with you all an interesting article that I came across on the internet while doing my daily reading.

I usually start my mornings with some daily readings and staying on top of the current news. I have a few publications that I go to for my daily reading but most of them I find on Apple News. At times, there are articles I come across in which I feel would be beneficial for the outdoor/travel community. Especially for topics that is relevant within our community. Therefore, I wanted to give myself the ability to share these articles on my travel blog.

I want to make this very clear. I am in no way taking credit for these articles. I will give full credit to any publications and writers/authors for these news information, as I will do with every post I apply on my blog. My only goal is just to provide insightful information that I feel all of you would enjoy.

This article discusses the 10 best trails in California. Some of them I’ve actually written down on my wish list for trails to try. This article is written from Lonelyplanet.com. Go check out their website to find more places to travel.

Link: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/articles/california-best-hiking-trails

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