About Me

It’s only fitting that I introduce myself. My name is Michael Lopez and I currently live in Perris, CA. I’ve mostly lived in the area for the past 10 years and have a really good sense of the Inland Empire by now. My interests in life have always revolved around two things, traveling & sports. Now, this isn’t a blog about sports. So I won’t bore you with all the ways I’d change the organization of the Oakland Raiders (Soon to be Las Vegas Raiders) in hopes to win the Super Bowl one day. Yes, I’m still waiting for that to happen.

I do plan on sharing my travel experiences with you. Showing you the things you can come across throughout the Inland Empire, hoping that you too can get some sore of inspiration in venturing out within the area. The experiences that I will share will normally be things that include the outdoors, breweries, restaurants, and occasional dream locations throughout the globe that I hope can also motivate you to begin your own travel journey. It’s honestly one of the biggest reasons why I started to blog my experiences in the first place. I wanted to motivate and inspirate other people who may always wanted to venture out in the world. Or just maybe within thier own cities. Trust me, theres so much to see.

Therefore, my blog is centered towards my travel experiences and sharing the places I’ve visited every step of the way.

This is kind of how it started for me. I would always catch myself scrolling through Instagram feeds and seeing all the pictures people would post about their travels. Yes, I couldn’t help but feel jealous that I wasn’t living a similar lifestyle. But, soon I’d realize I actually can! And it kinda began for me at the very moment. I would commit myself into exploring places I’ve never been before. In my own backyward and beyond.

It was just something I felt I was missing in my life. Being adventurous. The feeling of exploring the unknown. Not knowing where to go but also figuring it all out as I contined along my way. The ambition to seek out a bigger world and truly experience everything I’ve always dreamed about. To explore the world and areas within my community.

This is were I came up with the name of my travel blog, Seeking My Travels. Pretty catchy right? I thought so.

I wanted to create content that would inspire others in my position who will find this very useful in their own travel journeys. Content that can encourage others to get up out of their feet and see the world in their own eyes.

Seeking My Travels

Seeking My Travels is not just a name for my travel blog. It’s an idea. A way to motivate others who’ve always had an inch and curiousity about the world. Curious in a way where they wanted to really see the world for all its worth. While my blog is centered towards places within the Inland Empire, I hope to one day expand it to a place where I can share places outside California. Places like Oregon, Colorado, Texas, New York, London, Ireland, Spain, etc. But I’m thinking way to far ahead. For now, there is so much to explore in California, particually in the Inland Empire. So I plan on taking my adventuous spirit and record my experiences every step of the way.


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