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General Information Distance: 7 Miles Time: 3-4 Hours in total Difficulty: Moderate (Good hike to try for 1st timers) Elevation: 6,165 ft Permit Required Pet Friendly Location: Angeles National Forest My Thoughts So let’s begin with my overall thoughts of Strawberry Peak. It’s a 3 – 4 mile hike that offers a ton of scenic views. The mountain hill that leads you up to the peak definitely had me stopping a few… Read More

General Information Distance: 12 Miles Time: 6-7 Hours Difficulty: Hard Elevation: 8,862 ft Permit Required Pet Friendly Location: Cucamonga Wilderness in San Bernardino National Forest. My Thoughts Cucamonga Peak is hands down one of my favorite hikes in the Inland Empire thus far. Granted, I’ve only completed a couple of the big known hikes for the past year, so I don’t have a ton of hikes under my belt just yet. But… Read More