2020 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge

As we’re moving along the year and coming closer to the spring season, I wanted to share a hiking challenge that I stumbled upon last year. I’ve been searching online for hiking trails trying to find new places to hike. Looking for new hiking trails that I can visit daily or weekly. For the purpose of seeing something new and capturing images from my GoPro. During my search, I came across this website describing a challenge in Southern California with hikes I’ve never heard of before. Hikes that were literally in my own backyard. So, I did what anyone else would do and began to dig in for more information on what this challenge is. I quickly learned that this was more than just hiking a few peaks or reaching a certain goal. It was an online community for So-Cal hikers. Hikers like me and you.

For anyone who’s interested in hiking, I believe this is something for you. The 2020 SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge consists of 18 hikes in total, 82 miles, and over 27,000 ft. vertical gain. The goal is simple. Pick 6 out of the 18 peaks in the challenge and hike your way to the top. Once you’ve completed any of the 6 peaks from a list of 18, you’ve completed the challenge. Each location ranges in difficulty. Some are easier than others while some can be quite difficult, depending on your activity level. So I’d recommend some form of research on each hike before deciding what direction you want to go. For example, I created a list of all 18 hikes, listing information that included the total distance, elevation, and time each hike took. Once my list was complete, I was able to decide which few peaks were going to be the first off my list. Starting with Strawberry Peak as my first hike of the season. Not a difficult hike at all and one I believe anyone can jump into right away.

There are 18 Total Hikes!

  1. Mt. Wilson
  2. Cucamonga Peak
  3. Mt. San Antonio
  4. San Bernardino Peak
  5. Mt. San Jacinto
  6. San Gorgonio Peak
  7. Mt. Baden-Powell
  8. Ontario Peak
  9. Sitton Peak
  10. Sawmill Mt.
  11. Strawberry Peak
  12. Santiago Peak
  13. Volcan Mt.
  14. Cuyamaca Peak
  15. Mt. Woodson
  16. Hot Springs Mt.
  17. High Point (Palomar)
  18. El Cajon Mt.

As soon as you sign up for the challenge, you will receive an email on creating an online profile under the Social Hiker website, which is used to track your progress. This is where a sense of community comes into place.

On the website, you’re able to share all your progress (including photos), follow along other hikers, track and share all your activities, communicate through forums or other profiles, and see where you stack up with everyone else. Once you’ve finished a particular hike and logged your progress, you earn a virtual badge on your profile for the hike. This signals your progress within the challenge as you get closer to finishing the required 6 hikes.

However, you aren’t restricted to only 6 hikes. You’re more than welcome to hike all 18 peaks and take full advantage of what the challenge has to offer. Yes, there is a cool virtual badge once you’ve completed all 18 hikes. Some of the best views in Southern California are included on this list of peaks and I encourage you to try them all or miss out!

As I mentioned before, this is a great way to motivate yourself in trying something. There are guides available online that will help nativagate you during your hike so you can conquer all 18 peaks! During each hike I complete, I will post any guides I’ve used on my blog so you can follow along as well. There is information online you can find about what gear to have before taking on the more difficult hikes. If this feels daunting at all, please know I will post any useful information on my blog that will help ease any uncertainty.

Check out their Instagram!

If you don’t want to take my word for it, then I’d recommend checking out their Instagram page and see for yourself.

Pricing options include

  • $50 Explorer
    • Access to challenger-only hike log
    • Personalized profile to track your progress
    • Earn Virtual Badges for each peak summited
    • Connect with others in the Challengers-only area
    • Entry in monthly giveaways
    • Peak reports and training tips
    • Finishers get reduced entry to the Finishers party
    • Welcome packet with embroidered patch and sticker pack
  • $70 Trailblazer
    • Same as above
    • Includes 2020 Six-Pack of Peaks T-Shirt

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I do, however, plan on sharing my travel experiences with you. Showing places you can come across throughout the Inland Empire, hoping you can find some inspiration in venturing out within the area. The experiences that I will share will normally be topics that include the outdoors, breweries, restaurants, and places to visit. I will also venture out around the globe to dream locations that I feel everyone should visit. It’s my way of motivating you to begin your own travel journey. It’s honestly one of the biggest reasons why I started this whole thing. To blog my experiences in the first place. I wanted to motivate others to venture out the world. Or just maybe within your own cities. Trust me, there’s so much to see.

Therefore, my blog is centered towards my own experiences and sharing the places I’ve visited every step of the way.

This is kind of how it started for me. I would always catch myself scrolling through Instagram feeds and seeing all the pictures people would post about their travels. Yes, I couldn’t help but feel jealous that I wasn’t living a similar lifestyle. But, soon I’d realize I actually can! And it kinda began for me at that very moment. I made a commitment to myself that I would explore past my comfort zone and travel to places I would only see on T.V. Whether in my own backyward or beyond.

It’s something I felt I was missing in my life. Being adventurous. The feeling of exploring the unknown, not knowing where to go and figuring it all out as I contined along my way. The ambition to seek out a bigger world and truly experience everything I’ve always dreamed about.

This is were I came up with the name of my travel blog, Seeking My Travels. Pretty catchy right? I thought so.

I wanted to create content that would inspire others in my position who could find this useful in their own travel journeys. Content that can encourage others to get up out of their feet and see the world in their own eyes. Or content that they can use as references before making the jump. Either way works!

Seeking My Travels

Seeking My Travels is not just a name for my travel blog. It’s an idea. A way to live. A way for people to explore their curiousity about the world. Curious in a way they wanted to see the world for all its worth. While my blog is centered towards places within the Inland Empire, I hope to one day expand into places beyond California. Places like Oregon, Colorado, Texas, New York, London, Ireland, Spain, etc. But I’m thinking way too far ahead. For now, there is so much to explore in California, particually in the Inland Empire. So I plan on starting small and dreaming big. Recording my experiences every step of the way. Only me and my GoPro.