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General Information 🚶 9.2 Miles 🕒 5 Hours 💪 Moderate ⛰️ Elevation: 3,273 ft 🎟️ Parking Pass Required 🐶 Pet Friendly 📍 San Mateo Canyon Wilderness Breakdown of Region Hey everyone! Thanks again for taking the time to check out my blog 📝. I really appreciate it. I’m back again this week to share you my experience while Sitton Peak. This will be my 2nd hike of the year, as well as… Read More

General Information Distance: 7 Miles Time: 3-4 Hours in total Difficulty: Moderate (Good hike to try for 1st timers) Elevation: 6,165 ft Permit Required Pet Friendly Location: Angeles National Forest My Thoughts So let’s begin with my overall thoughts of Strawberry Peak. It’s a 3 – 4 mile hike that offers a ton of scenic views. The mountain hill that leads you up to the peak definitely had me stopping a few… Read More

General Information Distance: 12 Miles Time: 6-7 Hours Difficulty: Hard Elevation: 8,862 ft Permit Required Pet Friendly Location: Cucamonga Wilderness in San Bernardino National Forest. My Thoughts Cucamonga Peak is hands down one of my favorite hikes in the Inland Empire thus far. Granted, I’ve only completed a couple of the big known hikes for the past year, so I don’t have a ton of hikes under my belt just yet. But… Read More

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